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Baruch Grinberg

While recovering from a serious injury sustained in the army, Baruch Grinberg discovered the camera and saw the light. He decided that this was “his thing” and applied successfully to study in the department of professional photography at Hadassah College in Jerusalem. After completing his coursework, he remained in the department for several more years as part of the teaching staff. Then he crossed paths with Ariel Ravinsky, whose fame in the profession had preceded him, and they began to work together, a collaboration that eventually became the Tekno-Art photography studio. As a photographer from the studio, Baruch puts great emphasis on light and is very present in his work. A statement he once heard was engraved in his memory, and it has served as his guideline ever since: “Light is the photographer’s paintbrush.” When photographing a special occasion, Baruch tries to combine the technical aspect of uncompromising quality with the human aspect and all its complexities, while remaining unobtrusive and not taking over the event. He is the proverbial “fly on the wall.” Customer service is an essential part of his work — Baruch’s goal is to give the clients what they’re looking for, in a pleasant, courteous manner spiced with a touch of humor, and always with satisfaction guaranteed.