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Menachem Yosipon

Menachem Yosipon grew up in Jerusalem, a city of modern streets and advanced housing projects alongside ancient alleys and picturesque stone houses, with the Old City walls forming a majestic background. In this uniquely photogenic milieu, Menachem’s love of photography was born and nurtured, and he developed a talent for using light and color to create pictures that tell a story, express a value, or deliver a message. Slowly, the desire grew within him to capture a moment, to document it vividly, to see the beauty around him and show it in a clear light. Menachem has been in the field of special occasion photography from the age of 21, using state-of-the-art equipment and mastering both the technological and artistic aspects of the craft. His style is uniquely characterized by both precision and softness, using artificial light to add volume and drama, rich and varied experience in posing, body language, and working with the photographic subject. Menachem puts an emphasis on a calm, relaxed, friendly, and service-oriented approach to the client, which is clearly seen in his communication. He feels, and gives the feeling, that he is a participant in their special day. He is present and involved at every stage of the event, adapting himself efficiently to the family’s schedule and requirements, handling everything in a pleasant manner while seeing to all the important details. Menachem is focused, attentive, and alert to capture all the little moments of excitement while at the same time maintaining his sensitivity to the space and the enjoyment of the families and their guests.