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Menachem Yosipon

Menachem Yosipon grew up in Jerusalem, in the new streets and advanced neighborhoods, along ancient paths and picturesque houses and the towering walls, out of this special atmosphere his love for photography was born,Over the years, his talent has evolved to use light and color and create images that tell a story, express value, idea or message. Slowly, the desire to perpetuate the moment, to document its life, to see its beauty and to present it in a clean and good light grew. Menachem has been in the field of event photography since the age of 21, uses advanced and up-to-date equipment, with superior knowledge and control of current technologies and artistic photography methods. His style of photography is characterized by precision and softness, the use of artificial lighting to add volume and drama, rich and varied practical experience in the body language and work in front of a photograph. Menachem emphasizes a kind and serene relaxed approach that stands out in the unique interpersonal communication eye that Menachem creates with his clients, the feeling of a partner for the special day of the young couple and all the participants of the event. Menachem is present and involved every step of the way, effectively adapts to the agenda and requirements, acts pleasantly while paying attention to all important details and components, concentrates, absorbs and captures beautiful and exciting moments, while always being sensitive to the space and experience of families and guests.