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Aharon Horwitz started out on his photographic career in the world of bridal fashion, producing catalogues for makeup artists and bridal gown designers, and taking professional photographs at schools for makeup artists. Some ten years ago, Aharon brought this experience with him to the field of wedding photography, with an emphasis on precise, innovative lighting, clean composition, and choosing the most flattering angle for each subject. The result — a poster-worthy image every time! Through years of experience at weddings, Aharon has increasingly realized that in this field, the human angle is every bit as important as technical professionalism. When it comes to connecting with the clients, giving equal treatment to both the bride and the groom’s side, good time management, and above all, letting the new couple and their families focus on the joy of the occasion itself, alongside photographic expertise, you can count on Aharon. A principle element of his work ethic is that everything should be done with a smile, without pressure. Aharon believes that the photographer needs to know the family’s style and what they are expecting, and then give them more than they expected. His slogan is, give the highest quality without compromising on the family’s enjoyment and fun at the wedding, from start to finish. It’s no wonder that once Aharon Horwitz has done the photography at a wedding, the brothers and sisters of the bride and groom already know who will be the photographer at their weddings….