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Hershy Kotovsky

Hershy Kotovsky was born in Israel in 1992 and has loved photography since his childhood, when digital cameras first appeared on the market. He studied in an elite yeshiva, and after his marriage, he turned his favorite leisure pastime into a profession. For two and a half years he learned the trade under some of Israel’s greatest photographers, and after absorbing their wisdom he emerged on his own innovative path. “Photography isn’t just my job, it’s my craft,” Hershy says. In his work as a wedding photographer, Hershy focuses on capturing the most emotional and exciting moments, while at the same time adhering to the aesthetic ideal, choosing the most flattering poses and adjusting the lighting to perfection. “The natural moment is the most stirring moment,” he says, and with that in mind, creating a comfortable atmosphere in the photography sessions is integral to his technique. Although you, as the family of the young couple, have so many details to coordinate on the day of the simchah, and a certain level of stress is inevitable, this is still the happiest day of your life, and it’s so important that your should feel relaxed for the formal pictures so that the joy of the occasion should come through the camera’s lens. Before the camera starts clicking, Hershy devotes his energies first to establishing an easy rapport, dissolving tension and creating a happy atmosphere that will stay with you throughout the photo shoot. “Harmony is what makes the perfect picture,” says Hershy. “When all the elements – composition, subject, background, lighting, color, and expression – come together, each playing their part to perfection, you have that harmony.” Not that Hershy stands by waiting for everything to fall into place. He’s always alert to tweak the fine details that will turn a beautiful picture into a great one. From the pose, where a slight turn of the head can make all the difference, to meticulous adjustments to the lighting, Hershy is in control, whether he’s shooting in the simchah hall, outdoors under the blazing sun, in a dark alleyway in ancient Jaffa after midnight, or under the chuppah in the pouring rain. Hershy, a young photographer with lots of energy and a huge passion for his work, will be happy to accompany you on the most important day of your life.

Avraham Rothstein

Avraham Rothstein is a talented, professional photographer of worldwide repute. For many years, he has photographed a wide variety of weddings both in Israel and abroad. His experience has deepened his ability to intuit what the client wants and to bring out the maximum potential of each event. Creative and artistic, he has a unique eye for the perfect shot, and that is why his pictures capture the event for posterity as if it were happening in the moment. And thanks to his discerning eye and analytical ability, he is always prepared to deal with unforeseen circumstances. For him, there are no surprises — only solutions. Avraham excels at communication, enabling him to create a positive dynamic among all the participants in an event. He speaks English at mother-tongue level, which enables him to work seamlessly with a wide variety of clients in Israel and abroad. He has a wealth of experience working with clients in many countries, including the United States, England, Australia, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, Ukraine, and others. Avraham approaches his work with a seemingly endless supply of energy that spreads out to encompass his clients as well as their guests, creating an atmosphere of vitality and fun at every special occasion.

Aharon Horwitz

Aharon Horwitz started out on his photographic career in the world of bridal fashion, producing catalogues for makeup artists and bridal gown designers, and taking professional photographs at schools for makeup artists. Some ten years ago, Aharon brought this experience with him to the field of wedding photography, with an emphasis on precise, innovative lighting, clean composition, and choosing the most flattering angle for each subject. The result — a poster-worthy image every time! Through years of experience at weddings, Aharon has increasingly realized that in this field, the human angle is every bit as important as technical professionalism. When it comes to connecting with the clients, giving equal treatment to both the bride and the groom’s side, good time management, and above all, letting the new couple and their families focus on the joy of the occasion itself, alongside photographic expertise, you can count on Aharon. A principle element of his work ethic is that everything should be done with a smile, without pressure. Aharon believes that the photographer needs to know the family’s style and what they are expecting, and then give them more than they expected. His slogan is, give the highest quality without compromising on the family’s enjoyment and fun at the wedding, from start to finish. It’s no wonder that once Aharon Horwitz has done the photography at a wedding, the brothers and sisters of the bride and groom already know who will be the photographer at their weddings….

Itzik Rusk

Itzik Rusk was still a child when he took his first steps in photography. The world of photography fascinated him, and he was drawn to every camera, lens, and accessory he encountered, not resting until he’d learned all there was to know about its functions. As a teenager, he managed to combine his studies by day with work as a photographer’s assistant by night. During this period Itzik worked closely with leading photographers, and from them he learned the practical aspects of handling an event, as well as professional skills using state-of-the-art equipment. It was a short jump from there to an independent photography career, and it wasn’t long before he was a sought-after photographer, and the name Itzik Rusk became a brand in its own right. In today’s digital age, technology sets the pace. The perfect wedding album requires expertise in many different areas besides basic knowledge of photography: choosing a suitable artistic approach, use of smart cameras and computer software, photo editing, and keeping constantly abreast of new developments in the field. Itzik Rusk has earned a reputation for combining all of the above. On the scene, he exemplifies artistic taste, rapport with the subjects being photographed, and skillful use of sophisticated equipment. And behind the scenes, he knows his way around editing software, achieving perfect balance of light and hue, keeping his files faithfully backed up, and all the everyday nuts and bolts as well as the most carefully-guarded secrets of the trade. This rare combination has carried Itzik to a very high rating among special occasion photographers. He has photographed more than 500 weddings, and in addition, he shares his knowledge with other aspiring photographers on forums and in professional magazines. At the event itself, you’ll find Itzik to be quick-moving, gentle and patient, especially with the children who are an inseparable part of family occasions. Clients who’ve had the pleasure of having him as their photographer want him back again and again at all their special family events.

Ariel Ravinsky

Ariel started his artistic career as a painter at the age of 6. When he reached 14, inspired by his father, who was a photographer and camera collector, the canvas and paintbrush gave way to the camera received from his father. All of his works as an artist and photographer are characterized by an artistic line that integrates light, shadows and a three-dimensional sense. Over the years, the demand for Ariel as a photographer gained momentum, ultimately leading to the founding of TechnoArt Ltd. TechnoArt is the largest event photography company in Israel that brings together 35 professionals. The company employs 10 in-house photographers, lighting assistants and graphic artists, all of whom are among the top in the market. The staff work in full harmony along the guideline of providing an innovative product using the most advanced tools. Over the years, the company has gained experience in photography and producing albums for over 10,000 weddings. The company is headed by Ariel Ravinsky, its entrepreneur and professional manager. The professional event photography formula that Ariel developed is the most popular in the religious and Haredi sectors in Israel, New York, London and Jewish centers worldwide,and is the model of inspiration for hundreds of photographers across the globe. Ariel, winner of international awards, has illustrated and lectured on his work method at international photography centers, Photokina in Germany, BH in New York, The International Convention Center in Jerusalem and WPPI in Las Vegas. This is in addition to lectures and workshops in Israel and educating a generation of photographers who are part of the company’s staff. Ariel is a sought-after photographer for challenging events, such as the weddings of the Rebbe of Gur’s grandchildren with over 15,000 guests or weddings that require managing several photographic teams. Over time, Ariel developed solutions that conquered the industry, the most marked being the black background with interchangeable colored honeycomb patterns, late night photographs after the event and integrating a crane camera in the event. Event photography by Ariel is a combination of over 25 years’ experience, creativity, state-of-the-art technology and proper management of the event. In one of the lectures, Ariel summarized the principle that has guided him throughout his career in a single sentence. When asked why he takes the risk of purchasing current tools immediately after their launch and does not wait several month until their reliability is proven, he replied, “the damage in slowing the pace and the joy of doing is far greater than the risk of purchasing a device that fails to meet expectations… ”  

Baruch Grinberg

While recovering from a serious injury sustained in the army, Baruch Grinberg discovered the camera and saw the light. He decided that this was “his thing” and applied successfully to study in the department of professional photography at Hadassah College in Jerusalem. After completing his coursework, he remained in the department for several more years as part of the teaching staff. Then he crossed paths with Ariel Ravinsky, whose fame in the profession had preceded him, and they began to work together, a collaboration that eventually became the Tekno-Art photography studio. As a photographer from the studio, Baruch puts great emphasis on light and is very present in his work. A statement he once heard was engraved in his memory, and it has served as his guideline ever since: “Light is the photographer’s paintbrush.” When photographing a special occasion, Baruch tries to combine the technical aspect of uncompromising quality with the human aspect and all its complexities, while remaining unobtrusive and not taking over the event. He is the proverbial “fly on the wall.” Customer service is an essential part of his work — Baruch’s goal is to give the clients what they’re looking for, in a pleasant, courteous manner spiced with a touch of humor, and always with satisfaction guaranteed.

David Leff

Thirty-nine-year-old David Leff, married and father of seven, has been a photography enthusiast from an early age and has never been far from a camera. In 2002, he took a course in professional photography and lighting, and in 2005 he began his career officially as photographer’s assistant to Ariel Ravinsky. After several years of apprenticeship, David began photographing weddings on his own. Ever since then, he has gone from one event to the next, constantly giving the best of himself, and leaving a trail of satisfied customers. Thousands of happy clients will testify to that. David’s work ethic is, “I adapt myself to the family’s needs and do my job in a steady, unobtrusive manner while they get on with their celebration.”

Menachem Yosipon

Menachem Yosipon grew up in Jerusalem, a city of modern streets and advanced housing projects alongside ancient alleys and picturesque stone houses, with the Old City walls forming a majestic background. In this uniquely photogenic milieu, Menachem’s love of photography was born and nurtured, and he developed a talent for using light and color to create pictures that tell a story, express a value, or deliver a message. Slowly, the desire grew within him to capture a moment, to document it vividly, to see the beauty around him and show it in a clear light. Menachem has been in the field of special occasion photography from the age of 21, using state-of-the-art equipment and mastering both the technological and artistic aspects of the craft. His style is uniquely characterized by both precision and softness, using artificial light to add volume and drama, rich and varied experience in posing, body language, and working with the photographic subject. Menachem puts an emphasis on a calm, relaxed, friendly, and service-oriented approach to the client, which is clearly seen in his communication. He feels, and gives the feeling, that he is a participant in their special day. He is present and involved at every stage of the event, adapting himself efficiently to the family’s schedule and requirements, handling everything in a pleasant manner while seeing to all the important details. Menachem is focused, attentive, and alert to capture all the little moments of excitement while at the same time maintaining his sensitivity to the space and the enjoyment of the families and their guests.

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