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Abraham Rothstein

Abraham Rothstein is a talented professional photographer with a world reputation. He has been photographing a wide variety of weddings for many years both in Israel and abroad. From his vast experience in photography, Abraham knows how to read the customer’s wishes on the best side, and maximizes every event. He is a creative and artistic photographer, with a unique eye-catch that manages to produce excellent quality images that perfectly commemorate the event. Also, because of his discernment and analysis, he is always ready for any situation, finding solutions Immediately for any problems that popped up. Abraham has excellent interpersonal communication skills, enabling positive dynamics among all the event participants. He also speaks English at the native level and this is enabling work with a wide range of client, both in Israel and abroad. He has a lot of experience working with clients abroad in various locations around the world, such as: USA, England, Australia, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, Ukraine, etc. Abraham comes with a high and never-ending energy level, which positively affects both customers and guests, and creates a positive, vital and fun vibes throughout the whole event.

Aharon Horowitz

Aharon Horowitz began his journey in photography in fashion and modeling photography, producing catalogs for wedding dress designers and photography in makeup schools. About 10 years ago, this experience brought Aharon Horowitz to the field of weddings, emphasizing precise and innovative lighting, clean composition and choosing the most flattering angle. Making every photo a poster!. Over the years, and the experience from the weddings, Aharon realized that no less important than professionalism- is the vibes and attitude that the photographer brings to the wedding, giving equal treatment to the bride and groom, proper time management and above all that the couple and families can focus on the big day, with joy itself, knowing that from the point of view of photography- they have who to trust!. One of the important things for Aharon is that everyone will smile, no pressure, to know the family style, what they expect for and to give them much more than they expected! Aharon’s slogan is to give the highest quality without compromising a fun feeling throughout the wedding. No wonder the brothers and sisters already know who the photographer will be at their wedding, even before they even saw a single photo…

Itzik Rusk

Itzik Rusk started his first steps in photography as a child. Curiosity in the world of photography captivated him, and every camera, lens or other accessory caught his attention, and until he didn’t understand all the relevant functions – he couldn’t rest and couldn’t be quiet. Later, as a teenager, thanks to the love of photography, he managed to combine Study during the day and work as an assistant during the night. During this period, Itzik accompanied leading photographers in the field and from which he drew the practice of managing an event while photographing the most advanced tools without compromise. From this point the road to the world of photography as an independent photographer was short, in a short time the name “Itzik Rusk” became a popular name among professional photographer. In today’s digital age, technology dictates the pace, a perfect album requires understanding in several areas. Knowledge in photography, the art line, running smart cameras, working on a computer, knowing software and editing photos alongside keeping track of developments in the world of photography. Itzik Rusk has become a name for all the required data. On the one hand – the art, the access to the photographers, the operation of smart photography equipment in the field. On the other hand – proficiency in editing software, file backup, color corrections and up-to-date knowledge of what is happening in the rooms of the world’s largest manufacturers. The rare combination catapulted Itzik to a very high position in the event photographers’ rankings and within a short time became a sought after photographer with an experience of photographing over 500 weddings alongside being a consultant and giving reviews in forums and professional magazines. At the event itself you will discover an agile, gentle photographer with endless patience for the children that are an integral part of the event. Customers who have experienced Itzik as a photographer – will not give up his presence at the following family events.

Ariel ravinsky

ariel ravinsky He began his artistic career at the age of 6 as a painter,At the age of 14, inspired by his father — who was a photography enthusiast and camera collector-The paintbrush and canvas gave the way to a camera he received from his father. The common feature of all his work in photography and painting is the artistic line, light and shadow combination and 3D technique. Over the years, the demand for the nature of the work, and for Ariel as a photographer, has gained And finally led to the establishment of the company “Tekno-art”. “Tekno art is the largest company in Israel for event photography and brings together 35 people. The company contains 10 regular photographers, lighting and graphic artists. They are all leading professionals in their field. The team works in complete harmony with the guideline being is to give the current product the most advanced tools. Over the years, the company has accumulated experience of photographing and producing albums of over 10,000 weddings. At the forefront stands Ariel Rabinsky, the company’s entrepreneur and professional manager. The professional formula that he has been developed for photographing the event is the most widely used in the religious and ultra-Orthodox sectors in Israel, New York, London and Jewish communities worldwide and is a model and an inspiration for hundreds of photographers around the world. Ariel, an international awards winner, lectured and demonstrated his method of working at international photo centers in Photookina in Germany, at BH in New York, at the Nation’s Buildings in Jerusalem, and at Wppi in Las Vegas. This is in addition to lectures and workshops taking place in Israel and training of a generation of photographers who are part of the team in the company. Ariel is a prestigious photographer for challenging events such as the “admors”grandchildren’s weddings that contain more than 15,000 people, or weddings that require a management of several photography teams in parallel. Over the years, Ariel has developed solutions that have conquered the industry with the prominent black backgrounds interchangeable with hives. Night shots after the event and a hover camera snaps inside the event. The photograph of the event by Ariel is a combination of more than 25 years of experience, Creativity, advanced technology work and proper management of the event. In one of his lectures, Ariel summarized in one sentence the line that leads him throughout his career, When he was asked why he is taking risks and buying the most advanced tools-right after they are displayed on the shelf- and not waiting for a them to prove their credibility before; he said:”The damage of slowing down the work rate and reducing the joy of doing the work is far more dangerous than purchasing a device that does not meet expectations…”.

Baruch grinberg

During the rehabilitation process from a serious injury in the army, Baruch discovered the camera and the light. When he decided it was “the thing,” he turned to photography studies in the professional photography department at Hadassah College. Upon graduation, he remained in the photography department as part of the teaching and training staff for several years. At one point his ways met with Ariel Rabinsky, whose name had already gone before him and they began to collaborate together, which over the years became Techno Art. a photographers studio. As someone who came from the studio, Baruch emphasizes his photography on the light, and is very present in his work. A sentence he once heard was engraved on his head and turned into a candle at his feet:””The light, the photographer’s brush.” In event photography, Baruch tries to combine the professional, technical, uncompromising quality aspect with the sensitive and complex human side, without noticing, intervening in the event or managing it. Customer service is an essential part of his work. His many years of experience with clients help him get into the minds of the event owners and guests, and give them what they want, all with a gentle and spicy touch of humor and a lot of responsibility.

david lef

39, married with seven children. David Photo Amateur has been young and has always been attached to the camera. In 2002 he did a photography and professional lighting course. In 2005 he began his professional career as a photographer assistant to Ariel Rabinsky. After a number of years of professionalization and learning of the profession, he embarked and began filming weddings. From then on, he continues as he goes from one event to the next, giving himself the most to make customers happy.And so can prove thousands of satisfied customers. David’s motto: Adapt myself to the family, work leisurely and calmly without disturbing and hurting during the event.

Yoval levin

At the age of 11 Yuval Levin got an old BOX camera from his grandmother… and since then he has seen the world through the camera. He later studied film photography at “Beit Zvi”, and worked a bit on television, but kept going with the still camera .. Taking landscape and nature albums, and filming inside movies, and really, what characterizes his pictures – as if taken from a movie!. At a yeshiva he was constantly hanging out with the camera, and friends who were getting married asked him to photograph their wedding, hence the beginning of hundreds of weddings he was filming!. That in each picture there is a special view of reality – as a picture taken from the “movie” life.

Menachem Yosipon

Menachem Yosipon grew up in Jerusalem, in the new streets and advanced neighborhoods, along ancient paths and picturesque houses and the towering walls, out of this special atmosphere his love for photography was born,Over the years, his talent has evolved to use light and color and create images that tell a story, express value, idea or message. Slowly, the desire to perpetuate the moment, to document its life, to see its beauty and to present it in a clean and good light grew. Menachem has been in the field of event photography since the age of 21, uses advanced and up-to-date equipment, with superior knowledge and control of current technologies and artistic photography methods. His style of photography is characterized by precision and softness, the use of artificial lighting to add volume and drama, rich and varied practical experience in the body language and work in front of a photograph. Menachem emphasizes a kind and serene relaxed approach that stands out in the unique interpersonal communication eye that Menachem creates with his clients, the feeling of a partner for the special day of the young couple and all the participants of the event. Menachem is present and involved every step of the way, effectively adapts to the agenda and requirements, acts pleasantly while paying attention to all important details and components, concentrates, absorbs and captures beautiful and exciting moments, while always being sensitive to the space and experience of families and guests.

Hershey Kotovsky

Born in 1992, Hershey Kotovsky was born in Israel and loved photography from an early age, with the advent of digital cameras into the market.Studied at an elite “Yeshiva” and after his marriage, his passion for photography was expressed professionally. For two years and more, he studied with major photographers in the country, and at the end of it he embarked on an innovative path:”Photography is not just a job, it’s my art”. In his work as a wedding photographer, Hershey Kotovsky combines an eye-catching documentary work of capturing exciting moments together with creative work of flattering attitudes and professional lighting to present a perfect wedding album. “The natural moment is the most exciting moment”. One of his milestones is the good atmosphere in photography. With all the stress and work that is going on on this day, it is still the most exciting day of your life, and it is very important that you be at ease and calm so that the emotions can break into the camera. To this end, Hershey Kotovsky puts a lot of effort and gives all his attention. His energies and caring create a pleasant and joyful vibes that will accompany you throughout the shoot. “In my opinion, a picture is a perfect harmony, with all the parts blending together: composition, theme, background, lighting, colors, expression, etc. When each one contributes their own to the work ”, However, Hershey Kotovsky does not compromise on the little things. The small details and finishes are the ones that make the image from good to excellent. From the positions where a small angle of the head can change everything, and to a meticulous lighting that must be perfect, both in outdoor shots under the scorching sun, in a dark alley in ancient Jaffa in the morning and in a “Chupa”under heavy rain. Hershi a young photographer with a lot of energy and great love for the profession, will be happy to accompany you on the most important day of your life.

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