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Hershy Kotovsky

Hershy Kotovsky was born in Israel in 1992 and has loved photography since his childhood, when digital cameras first appeared on the market. He studied in an elite yeshiva, and after his marriage, he turned his favorite leisure pastime into a profession. For two and a half years he learned the trade under some of Israel’s greatest photographers, and after absorbing their wisdom he emerged on his own innovative path. “Photography isn’t just my job, it’s my craft,” Hershy says. In his work as a wedding photographer, Hershy focuses on capturing the most emotional and exciting moments, while at the same time adhering to the aesthetic ideal, choosing the most flattering poses and adjusting the lighting to perfection. “The natural moment is the most stirring moment,” he says, and with that in mind, creating a comfortable atmosphere in the photography sessions is integral to his technique. Although you, as the family of the young couple, have so many details to coordinate on the day of the simchah, and a certain level of stress is inevitable, this is still the happiest day of your life, and it’s so important that your should feel relaxed for the formal pictures so that the joy of the occasion should come through the camera’s lens. Before the camera starts clicking, Hershy devotes his energies first to establishing an easy rapport, dissolving tension and creating a happy atmosphere that will stay with you throughout the photo shoot. “Harmony is what makes the perfect picture,” says Hershy. “When all the elements – composition, subject, background, lighting, color, and expression – come together, each playing their part to perfection, you have that harmony.” Not that Hershy stands by waiting for everything to fall into place. He’s always alert to tweak the fine details that will turn a beautiful picture into a great one. From the pose, where a slight turn of the head can make all the difference, to meticulous adjustments to the lighting, Hershy is in control, whether he’s shooting in the simchah hall, outdoors under the blazing sun, in a dark alleyway in ancient Jaffa after midnight, or under the chuppah in the pouring rain. Hershy, a young photographer with lots of energy and a huge passion for his work, will be happy to accompany you on the most important day of your life.