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Ariel started his artistic career as a painter at the age of 6. When he reached 14, inspired by his father, who was a photographer and camera collector, the canvas and paintbrush gave way to the camera received from his father. All of his works as an artist and photographer are characterized by an artistic line that integrates light, shadows and a three-dimensional sense. Over the years, the demand for Ariel as a photographer gained momentum, ultimately leading to the founding of TechnoArt Ltd. TechnoArt is the largest event photography company in Israel that brings together 35 professionals. The company employs 10 in-house photographers, lighting assistants and graphic artists, all of whom are among the top in the market. The staff work in full harmony along the guideline of providing an innovative product using the most advanced tools. Over the years, the company has gained experience in photography and producing albums for over 10,000 weddings. The company is headed by Ariel Ravinsky, its entrepreneur and professional manager. The professional event photography formula that Ariel developed is the most popular in the religious and Haredi sectors in Israel, New York, London and Jewish centers worldwide,and is the model of inspiration for hundreds of photographers across the globe. Ariel, winner of international awards, has illustrated and lectured on his work method at international photography centers, Photokina in Germany, BH in New York, The International Convention Center in Jerusalem and WPPI in Las Vegas. This is in addition to lectures and workshops in Israel and educating a generation of photographers who are part of the company’s staff. Ariel is a sought-after photographer for challenging events, such as the weddings of the Rebbe of Gur’s grandchildren with over 15,000 guests or weddings that require managing several photographic teams. Over time, Ariel developed solutions that conquered the industry, the most marked being the black background with interchangeable colored honeycomb patterns, late night photographs after the event and integrating a crane camera in the event. Event photography by Ariel is a combination of over 25 years’ experience, creativity, state-of-the-art technology and proper management of the event. In one of the lectures, Ariel summarized the principle that has guided him throughout his career in a single sentence. When asked why he takes the risk of purchasing current tools immediately after their launch and does not wait several month until their reliability is proven, he replied, “the damage in slowing the pace and the joy of doing is far greater than the risk of purchasing a device that fails to meet expectations… ”