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Avraham Rothstein

Avraham Rothstein is a talented, professional photographer of worldwide repute. For many years, he has photographed a wide variety of weddings both in Israel and abroad. His experience has deepened his ability to intuit what the client wants and to bring out the maximum potential of each event. Creative and artistic, he has a unique eye for the perfect shot, and that is why his pictures capture the event for posterity as if it were happening in the moment. And thanks to his discerning eye and analytical ability, he is always prepared to deal with unforeseen circumstances. For him, there are no surprises — only solutions. Avraham excels at communication, enabling him to create a positive dynamic among all the participants in an event. He speaks English at mother-tongue level, which enables him to work seamlessly with a wide variety of clients in Israel and abroad. He has a wealth of experience working with clients in many countries, including the United States, England, Australia, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, Ukraine, and others. Avraham approaches his work with a seemingly endless supply of energy that spreads out to encompass his clients as well as their guests, creating an atmosphere of vitality and fun at every special occasion.