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Yuval Levine

When Yuval Levine was 11 years old, his grandmother gave him an old box camera… and ever since then, he has looked at the world through a camera’s lens. Later on , he studied cinematography at Beit Tzvi School for the Performing Arts and did some work in television, but continued to take still shots all the while. He photographed nature and landscape albums, and still shots within films, and in fact, what really characterizes his pictures is that they look like still shots from a film. While studying in yeshiva, he was often seen with a camera, and friends who were getting married would ask him to do their wedding photos. From that humble beginning, Yuval’s reputation spread, and he went on to photograph hundreds of weddings. To this day, the influence of his cinematographic studies is recognizable in his work, lending a strong sense of realism, as if each shot were taken from the “film of life.”